Kardamili (or Kardamyle or Kardamyli) is one of the most well preserved traditional seaside villages of Mani with stone houses, cobbled streets, a picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches. The blue water, the green hills and the endless olive groves have made Kardamyli one of the most popular resorts, with infrastructure for economic and luxurious vacations. Kardamili is located 35Km from Kalamata and just 3:30 hours from Athens which makes it suitable for summer vacations or just three-day getaways.

Visitors of Kardamili can enjoy swimming to the beautiful beaches and arrange visits to traditional local sights. You can visit the tower of “Troupakis Mourtzinos”, a fort built in 1807 consisting of various buildings, such as the arched gateway called the “Towerhouse”.

Other attractions in Kardamyli is the monastery of “Zoodohou Pigis”, the old mill, the local traditional soap factory and the island of Merope. Your stay in Kardamili should include a visit to some of the best beaches in Messinia, such as “Ritsa beach”, “Delfinia Beach”, Kalamitsi Beach”, “Foneas Beach” and “Limanaki Beach”. And for nature lovers, a hike in the canyon of “Virou” will be an experience you will never forget.